About us

We offer a wide range of training and related support focusing on a variety of topics and catering for people with differing levels of knowledge. At the moment, our Making Every Contact Count (MECC), Motivational Interviewing and Train the Trainer courses are particularly popular.

We also continue to offer a mix of social marketing training which we have been delivering to public and third sector bodies for several years. These are especially suited to practitioners involved in designing, delivering and evaluating customer-focused interventions and projects that encourage healthier and more environmentally sustainable lifestyle behaviours.

A course on cross-sector stakeholder partnership working is also available.

What do we offer?

We always start by looking at your specific requirements and can tailor our support on a number of levels:


A tailored training programme with a full range of promotional support, research and evaluation, and help to embed skills in day to day practice.

Tailored training

A tailored training only programme covering the specified competences required by participants. Training can range from part of a day to running over several days, with time in between, to give participants an opportunity to try out new skills.

Self-led learning advice and guidance

Web and mobile phone based applications and e-learning.

Why choose SMG Learning?
Our training team

Our training team brings a rich wealth of experience of cross sector training, with participants coming from local councils, government agencies, primary care, acute hospital care and third sector bodies. Several thousands of staff, working at all organisational levels, have benefited from SMG training.

Our flexibility

We are very flexible and do not rely on 'off the shelf' products. We work with your organisation to provide exactly the suite of training and resources that you require, tailored to your organisational requirements.

We follow best practices

We follow relevant best practice and guidance, for example from Public Health England, Health Education England and the National Centre for Social Marketing.

Broad policy strategic commitments

Our training also supports broad policy strategic commitments, such as the Government’s promise to make every healthcare contact a health improvement opportunity and the NHS's goal to 'build a workforce for prevention'.

Accredited training

We provide accredited training, for instance our MECC skills training course is accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health, and can lead your organisation through the accreditation process if required.

Programme delivery

We offer a rounded package to support the delivery of our programmes: as well as training, we can also provide you with communications and recruitment support, booking administration, venue management, evaluation and other help to embed the use of new competencies in day to day practice.

An emphasis on quality

Our emphasis is on quality and on measuring that we have achieved the aims of the courses that we deliver. We undertake pre and post questionnaires with all participants and provide clients with an evaluation report immediately after training delivery. We also offer further follow-up evaluation at agreed intervals.


Our existing clients and participants value our provision.

Meet the team
Training team
Dr Andy McArthur Managing Director and Trainer
Mike Hope Trainer
David Smart Trainer
Susan Montgomery Trainer
Matt Howick Director and Trainer
Martin Higgitt Trainer
Pip Mason Trainer
Tony Hamill Trainer
Support team
Ally Kyle Operations Manager
Calum Morton Project Executive

If you'd like more information on what we could offer you, please get in touch.